Take Your Airline Pilot Career Beyond the Basics

Your first flight lesson will set the tone for the remainder of your flying career, whether professional or recreational. It is important to find the best flight school to fit your needs, schedule, and learning style. Pittsburgh Pilot Training invites you to feel the difference in flight instruction with our tailored, individualized approach. Our Pilot School in Pittsburgh is committed to providing an excellent experience by guaranteeing that every flight lesson is instructive, efficient, and enjoyable.

We don't simply educate you on how to pass the exam; we also teach you how to be a competent and confident pilot. It is critical to properly absorb the subject with a firm grip rather than simply meeting your hours minimum and going for a check ride.

Our Flight School in Pittsburgh ensures that each student understands how the aircraft works and, most importantly, learns the safety protocols. Our accelerated students benefit from access to our member training ground sessions, which cover various topics such as avionics systems, engine systems, weather, and aerodynamics. Whether you've wanted to be a pilot since you first saw one or you're changing careers, Pittsburgh Pilot Training is the all-in-one professional pilot curriculum for you.

Don't let your flight training linger for years while you slowly go through each rating. Start your training full-time with our Accelerated Pilot School in Pittsburgh to give wings to your career. Before you know it you will be beginning your career as an airline pilot.