From zero flight hours to the Airlines in as little as 2 years!

Every aspect of our career program is designed to help you launch a successful career in aviation.

The industry is starving for pilots!

Due to the mandatory retirement age of 65 and the growing market, the industry is facing a major pilot shortage problem. Studies show there will be a shortage of 60,000 pilots by the year 2030!

Benefits Include:

  • Flight Training Travel the world for free.
  • Flight Training Never "work" a day in your life.
  • Flight Training Multi-million dollar 401k retirement.
  • Flight Training Experience the prestige of being an airline pilot.
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Southwest Airline pilots earn an average annual salary of $222,000. However, some Southwest pilots earn as much as $549,000. Regional airlines are paying sign on bonuses of $17,000+

Flight Training

Career program includes:

Flight Training260 total flight hours.

  • Flight Training Private pilot certificate
  • Flight Training Instrument rating
  • Flight Training Commercial pilot certificate
  • Flight Training Multi engine rating
  • Flight Training CFI certificate
  • Flight Training CFII certificate
  • Flight Training Ground school instruction
  • Flight Training Online ground school courses
  • Flight Training Test prep software
  • Flight Training Aviation books
Build hours towards the airlines while getting paid as a flight instructor.

Total Program Cost


* Plus test and examiner fees of approximately $4,000 (paid directly to examiner and 3rd party)
* Cost is an estimate based on 260 flight hours, plus 10 flight hours for check rides.