Flight Training

Private Pilot

A private pilot certificate is like a driver’s license. It allows you to fly almost anywhere in the United States and even outside the United States when you comply with regulations of the foreign country where the aircraft is operated. You can carry any number of passengers, and you can share certain operating expenses with them.

Flight Training

Instrument Rating

The instrument rating, which equips you with the exact skills needed to fly in the clouds and under conditions of reduced visibility, is the most frequent “next step” taken by private pilots seeking to advance their aeronautical education. If the private pilot certificate is the airman’s bachelor’s degree, the instrument rating is graduate school.

Flight Training

Commercial Pilot

Even if you don’t plan to fly for a living, working on your commercial pilot certificate can be a good idea. Like the instrument rating, the commercial hones basic flying skills. Although it is a standard check-off for the person planning to fly for a living, the commercial certificate, is also a good way for the recreational flier to gain increased confidence and become more professional in the cockpit.

Certified Flight Instructor

If you do decide that you want to fly for a living, chances are you will start out as a certified flight instructor. It’s in the cockpit of cramped trainers that most civilian-trained professional pilots pay their dues before moving on to corporate aviation, commuters, and — holy grail to many would-be professional pilots — the major airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

A: If you are looking for flight training in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Pilot Training is conveniently located in the South Hills at G05 airport in Finleyville.

A: We offer private pilot training, instrument training, commercial pilot training, as well as our airline pilot career program.

A: We suggest taking a discovery flight. A discovery flight is an intro flight where we teach you about the airplane and let you take the controls and fly.

A: Yes, our flight training program walks you from zero flight time to all the ratings and knowledge needed to get hired by the airlines. You do not need a college degree, if you can pass the FAA written exams and flight tests you will have no problem getting a job.